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If you were to wander the city streets, searching for a pulse amidst the ribbons of uncertainty you would find them. If you have ever had moments of silliness, craziness, happiness sided with complete break down, obtainable love & love lost, its time to meet The Irresponsibles. Set your mind at ease as their songs take you on a journey of spirit.  

Having graced the back-alley stages of Adelaide’s iconic rock venues since mid 2007, The Irresponsibles deliver a show of energised rock dashed with multi-genre influence. The Irresponsibles have a chemistry and bond with each other – reflected best in their music while most understood on the stage. With a diverse catalogue of music interlacing acoustic tales, “whatever” funk styles and unbridled rock, you are sure to find yourself in the words.

Enter the band; Tash brings intricacy with her funk licks, adding a soothing vocal harmony, before holding the guitar high and soaring into solo. Matt slyly strums melodic, rhythm driven bass lines while retaining meaty depth. Brad lets his kick drum rumble and beats a solid crack on the snare. His break beats and pausing create a rhythmic groove. Miranda commands the stage as a glam rock showgirl. A ballsy vocal and soulful lyric allow her to control the room, exuding passion and strength during performance.

Entering the scene, their debut self titled demo of 3 tracks sold out within a month and featured heavily on Triple J’s Unearthed website. In July 2008 The Irresponsibles released their first EP titled “Beginnings”, airing on Nova 919, Three D Radio, Radio Adelaide and multiple internet radio and download sites. The Irresponsibles took their show to Melbourne and the crowds absorbed their energy while praising the maturity of performance and song. As 2008 closed, Three D Radio DJ’s labelled The Irresponsibles one of the top 5 bands in South Australia during 2008.

“Beginnings” started to also prick the ears of the US Market and you will find the song “Break Me” used as the theme song for the popular internet video game review show “The Spoony Experiment”. The song “Home”, was selected to feature on the 2009 “Rock for Life” compilation for National US and Australian release.

The Irresponsibles were fortunate enough to play an invitation only set for the industry Fuse Festival showcase and were well received by crowds at Scorcherfest 2009. The Irresponsibles live to air performance on Three D radio midway through 2009 was a strong point for the bands year, despite the setback of Matt breaking his hand and has since bought The Irresponsibles their second 3D Radio top 100 position.

2010 holds a realm of possibilities - the band are currently in the studio recording their first full length album which will be launched on 20 November 2010. Matt Williams from Fat Trax in Adelaide (a master at his craft and fellow axeman) has had the “pleasure” of many long days/nights in the studio with the band – the booths filled with banter and hilarity. Matt has produced an outstanding product for the band and is sure to cause a stir in the Adelaide scene. The band is expected to take their first full length album to both interstate and overseas markets in both selected music shops and iTunes. The band has a lot to look forward to and predicted handwork aside, is excited that the ball is rolling into 2010 – the year for Rock n Roll.

In short, The Irresponsibles represent self supported hard work and dedication with their music to show for it. Their tracks run the gamut of human emotions. From love to anger, joy to sadness, reaching for dreams and being crushed beneath them.

“The future is unwritten, let there be music

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